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How To Play Our Lotteries

The Game DAO is a unique crypto platform that uses blockchain technology to create fair and transparent lottery-style games that are driven by the community. Our goal is to change the way traditional lotteries work. We ensure fairness by making our Lotteries transparent and easily auditable. Our platform operates on various blockchains, such as Binance Smart Chain and Arbitrum. We use smart contracts to ensure fairness and security at every stage of the process.

Our platform is decentralized from start to finish. Participants can easily enter the lotteries using various cryptocurrencies we support, making it a seamless and global experience. When someone wins, the prizes are sent directly to their digital wallets, eliminating the need for middlemen and ensuring quick access to winnings.

As a crypto platform, The Game DAO has many opportunities for growth. We plan to partner with other decentralized applications (dApps) and blockchain projects to create exciting experiences and offer unique rewards. We also aim to integrate with popular wallets and exchanges to expand our user base and promote wider adoption.

The crypto lottery industry has a lot of room for innovation, and The Game DAO is leading the way. We use decentralized governance and blockchain technology to provide a transparent, secure, and inclusive platform for lottery games. Our commitment to empowering the community and promoting responsible gaming practices sets us apart in the industry.

In summary, The Game DAO is a crypto Lottery platform. With its transparent and secure approach, community-driven governance, and user friendly experience, The Game DAO is poised to become a leader in the decentralized space.

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The Game

The game utilizes a secure smart contract in conjunction with Chainlink's latest VRF technology to guarantee fairness. These contracts perform routine checks on the overall pot, verifying that it either meets a minimum balance or satisfies a minimum player requirement. For daily Lotto, these checks occur every day, while for weekly Lotto, they take place every week. Once either of these criteria is met, the contract concludes the game. Following each game, a jackpot winner and 20 runners-up are selected through a verifiably random process, and winnings are immediately sent directly to the entry wallet.

A portion of the pot is allocated to charity, while another portion benefits DAO members. The Game DAO currently operates on two separate chains, each with its own pot. Users have the option to participate on either the Binance Smart Chain or the Arbitrum chain. The entry costs are $0.50 and $3.30 on our Daily Lotto, and $5.50 on weekly Lotto. To enter the Lottery, users simply click the "enter" button, and the correct entry fee (based on the token used) is automatically calculated. Once the transaction is approved, the player is entered into the Lottery.


Within the DAO structure, users hold the power to formulate proposals and cast votes, actively shaping and influencing decisions related to charitable funds, grants, and DAO investments. This empowerment allows our community to play a central role in directing resources and fostering positive impacts.

Voting requires BNGX tokens on the Binance Smart Chain and BNGA tokens on the Arbitrium chain. Whilst there is no minimum required to vote, users are required to be holding a minimum of 10,000 tokens to submit a proposal. Users can make proposals on different charity or web3 projects they want to support, and the community may vote for or against these proposals. A quorum of 40% is required for proposals to pass.

After a successful vote, any user has the authority to execute the proposal, leading to the direct deposit of requested funds into the designated address. Additionally, users hold the power to adjust various governance settings, including live voting quorum, minimum token requirements for proposals, voting time, and more.


Our staking feature is a significant value proposition within our platform. Staked users receive rewards in BNB, in exchange for empowering our DAO treasury through the purchase of our Membership NFTs. Specifically, 10% of every pot, after each lottery is concluded and winnings are paid, is distributed among staked members based on their ownership of Membership NFTs. It's important to emphasize that funds from NFT sales are directly deposited into the DAO treasury, contributing to its empowerment. These funds do not come to us. You can mint a Membership NFT HERE. Additionally, each supported chain maintains its own individual treasury.

The total number of Membership NFTs is 10,000 If a user is holding 1,000 pases, they receive: Number of passes x Total rewards / Total number of passes or 10% of all rewards. Each wallet can mint up to a maximum of 1,000 membership passes. Rewards are claimed via the staking portal which has a mimimum staking period of 21 days. The contract automatically requests to stake all tokens in the users wallet. This is to help calculate rewards owed to each user correctly, however users may transfer any tokens they don't want to stake to a seperate wallet before staking. Rewards due to tokens not staked are deposited to the DAO treasury.


Membership NFTs are distributed as follows:

Bullion Labs will retain 1,000 Membership NFTs

1,000 Membership NFTs will be distributed among contributors

1,000 Membership NFTs for airdrops and distribution among early game playrers

7,000 Membership NFTs will be available to mint HERE

Governance Tokens are distributed as follows:

Governance tokens are required to vote or create proposals on either chain. Seperate governance tokens are required for each chain.

Max supply of BNGX: 0xbda161E60c7d48f7A2eE5a98402035dBb2DaF257 is 100,000,000. This is the Governance token for the Binance Smart Chain.

Max supply of BNGA: 0x6328d8A59BE28E9EDC0B40C723fEb9C4C8ADC69a is 100,000,000. This is the Governance token for the Arbitrum Chain.

10,000,000 BNGX and BNGA will be deposited to their respective DAO Treasuries.

10,000,000 BNGX and BNGA will be witheld by Bullion Labs.Vesting till 2034. Vesting contract: 0x8f09c880ca21b23cf7504d0e9dff7b5d7f93817b(BNGX), 0x0fc881920356582ee6d69947507d586d3e57edbc(BNGA)

5,000,000 BNGA will be airdropped to early players and DAO members. Vesting till 2024. Vesting Contract: 0xd843758fc69130769e60715c3852951fe8bb5b61(BNGX)

5,000,000 BNGA will be distributed to contributors. Vesting till 2025. Vesting contract: 0xcfef0d66f8b54ef74a7ee1ab1d2d3c7b2dd50bed(BNGX), 0x3e1e5bb1e284093c2f2e85f014ebcd7b3c9735e7(BNGA)

70,000,000 BNGX and BNGA have been listed on Pancake Swap, and, Uni Swap respectively. LP tokens have been burned. Burn TX: 0xfa5c07c4e0af38bacb60b3139ca2c7ed6b6185cccb327ddd296650c4be3a0e8e (BNGX), 0xb67e322b90e6a62b1bbd3d7de082b6ab87b0bd7f68c7ef1b83ff4051c7026d38 (BNGA)


Smart Contract Adresses BSC


Game Contract Weekly

Contract Address: 0x358DbF9775ff1E489d01959C7a255d28214AC984


Game Contract Daily $0.50

Contract Address: 0xdB4553F393f43d6039Caf655686743DD57Fa3216


Game Contract Daily $3.30

Contract Address: 0xf710C1bf6FB5a7a5CB5169dbc383AA9F48d27DC5


DAO Contract

Contract Address: 0x65a4BeBA7eA7eE793e6E3C24157256ca842b0F03


Staking Contract

Contract Address: 0x542F6513eaA8867B73a13d2bC2cd654Bf1447002


ERC1155 Membership Contract

Contract Address: 0x7CF4e5794087691637d421B6FD304112fB190dB6


BNGX Governance Token Contract

Contract Address: 0xbda161E60c7d48f7A2eE5a98402035dBb2DaF257


Bullion Game(Archived)

Contract Address: 0xC63333Bea624a6D59f154E5f5e9063B7293D1320


Staking Contract(Archived)

Contract Address: 0xbda161E60c7d48f7A2eE5a98402035dBb2DaF257


Smart Contract Adresses ARB


Game Contract

Contract Address: 0x517D8293a7f2Bfb8803b081D7750fE3fC51623B3


DAO Contract

Contract Address: 0xcD4B33051D2332f6a4248d915C38a33a754287d1


Staking Contract

Contract Address: 0xDFc424b01Ea80F0805Df3F6bA4d0160693c781A6


ERC1155 Membership Contract

Contract Address: 0xfc44F50b771d4C158893F3B92eA69a77BcaE284F


BNGA Governance Token Contract

Contract Address: 0x6328d8A59BE28E9EDC0B40C723fEb9C4C8ADC69a

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