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Play For Good - EP 1 - with Foundation Fighting Poverty - Draws on 29th Oct 20:00 UTC - If you wish to donate without participating in the Lottery, we welcome your generousity! Please Kindly use the Donate button for this. Any ammount is welcome.
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Play For Good - EP 2 - JAN 14th 2024 -


Develop Africa

Develop Africa strategically empowers lives in Africa by providing educational opportunities and strengthening self-reliance so individuals, families, and communities can create positive change in their own lives. We empower lives by providing school supplies, scholarships, mosquito nets, solar lights, computer/vocational training, etc. We also provide microfinance loans and disaster relief. This helps them become self-sufficient and rise above poverty. When individuals and families are strengthened, they can contribute towards community, national, and international progress. Visit:



Sylvester Renner

Founder - Develop Africa

About Play for Good

Play For Good is a virtual charity event, which hopes to raise charitable funds by leveraging technology and community participation in philanthropy. With this initiative we hope to make a profound impact, funding vital initiatives that will touch the lives of countless individuals and communities.
We host a regular Twitter Live Space event. This event serves a dual purpose. First, it provides a platform for renowned speakers to share their invaluable insights with the audience, sparking intellectual enlightenment and inspiration. Second, it shines a spotlight on a featured charity, amplifying their cause and impact.

What truly sets Play For Good apart is our commitment to making fundraising an exciting experience. During our hosted events, the audience is invited to participate in a one-of-a-kind lottery, with every single entry directly contributing to the featured charity and attendee prizes. It's philanthropy that's both thrilling and impactful. Donors that participate. stand a chance to win lottery prizes, adding an element of suspense and delight to the mix.


At Bullion Labs, we operate with unwavering transparency and philanthropic intent. Our mission is crystal clear – we don't pocket a single cent of the revenue from fundraising events. Instead, every penny, including the proceeds from the event’s lottery entries, is devoted entirely to benefiting our audience and the charity/charities we're hosting.

The One-off Lottery

Here's how it works: attendees will be able to enter a one-off Lottery that culminates in the selection of lucky winners at the event's conclusion. We've divided the pot generously: 70% goes directly to the hosted charity(ies), while the remaining 30% is distributed equally among 10 randomly selected attendees. Each Lottery entry is just $1, and participants are welcome to enter as many times as they wish.

Our commitment is to create a profound and lasting impact. To ensure a substantial minimum contribution to both the charitable cause and our event attendees, we will be personally making a donation of $300 per event to the fund.

For those individuals from the public and corporate sponsors who are inclined to support our cause without participating in the lottery, we welcome your generosity and you may use the "Donate" button to do so. We hold deep appreciation for every donor, and please be assured that your generosity will not go unnoticed – we are committed to recognizing and expressing our warmest gratitude to all contributors via our social media channels and website.

It's important to note that all donated funds will be securely and directly deposited into the Lottery smart contract.

Important Note

All donations and lottery entries will be made in Binance Coin (BNB). To participate, you'll need a crypto wallet and some BNB tokens in your possession.

Play For Good is philanthropy that empowers you to make a difference while enjoying an unforgettable experience, and gaining insight from industry leaders. Join us in transforming the lives of countless individuals and communities through the power of technology, community, and compassion. Together, we can Play For Good.

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